September 11, 2017

Bluebird Tweets II

History Quiz


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Ken Kaltenbach on September 11, 2017 5:17 PM
- Mr. Luecke, in class, rolling a tennis ball down his arm, popping it into the air with his bicep muscle, and catching it. Also, telling some b.s. story and running right through the toll booth on the Shortway bridge taking a few of us to a track meet at Covington Holmes. And, from 76 trombones, singing about a race where, "the jockey sits right down on the horse."
- Mr. Elliot's eyes getting big when he described electrons as a "cloud charge" instead of the Bohr atom. Also, going on and on about how long his arms were, "like a monkey".
- Mr. Cook yelling in study hall, "who's that girl with the jingle bell bracelet? I'm gonna bite somebody!"
- Sig Lawson having a set PE curriculum, where he actually tried to teach a wide range of sports, including gymnastics. Truly physical education and it made me appreciate the olympics. I remember all 6' 6'' 245 pounds of him on the "high bar", swinging end over end, and the bar bending -- a lot.  I never had any coordination, but I came to really appreciate him as an assistant track and football coach and a genuinely nice guy. His bark was much worse than his bite.
- Bernie Sadosksy running into the shower room, shouting "Kaltenbach you were dogging It today!", and then shooting me with his starter pistol, all the while smiling with his gapped-toothed grin (ala Ernest Borgnine). My ears are still ringing, but he was one of the good guys too.
- Mr. Knauf playing the piano and singing Jingle Bells backwards. Singing on the stage of Music Hall. Listening to Benny Goodman rehearse from the front row.
- Miss Baker, nothing funny about here class -- pretty serious, but when I got to UK, I knew more about analytical geometry than the teaching assistant. That superiority only lasted one semester.
- Terrorizing Miss Payne with 7th grade boys' absolute silliness in the classroom at the Baptist church Sunday school building.
- Mrs. Black's success at getting me to really like Shakespeare.
- Mr. Englehard talking about James Bond, "'and he rang off', what does that mean?" And stories about driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. And somehow, I still learned quite a bit -- about geometry.
Mona Michael on September 28, 2017 10:09 PM
Great Blog.  It was interesting to see your experiences through a different prospective.
I had forgotten a great deal.  Sorry we didn't connect at the reunion but Lela updated me.
See you at the next one..Mona Stith

Ken KALTENBACH on September 11, 2017 4:56 PM
1 – Louie Nunn elected Governor of Kentucky                December 12, 1967, AFTER
2 – Release of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Rolling Stones June 6, 1965 BEFORE
3 – Movie, The Graduate released                           Dec. 22, 1967 AFTER
4 – Movie Cool Hand Luke released                          November 1, 1967, AFTER
5 - Big Mac –                                              1968, AFTER
6 - US release of Sgt. Pepper – Beatles                    June 2, 1967 BEFORE
7- The Doors' self-titled debut album is released          January 4, 1967, BEFORE
11 - Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey,                          April 3, 1968       AFTER
12 - Are You Experienced is released in the US.            August 23, 1967, AFTER
13 - Actress Nicole Kidman is born                         June 20, 1967, AFTER
14 – Premiere of The Carol Burnett Show                     September 11, 1967, AFTER

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